Friday, July 31, 2009

The combination of Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow.

In "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," she's a hot-to-trot drunken driver terrifying Steve Carell in the passenger seat; in "Knocked Up," she played Paul Rudd's wife; and in Apatow's latest, "Funny People," he's written Mann an even bigger role — the one-who-got-away from Adam Sandler's character. "He's growing up and learning more about women so he's able to write better female parts," Mann said in a recent interview, referring to her husband.

But Mann quickly reconsidered that statement, amending that Apatow has always written good female roles, though he's generally improved as a writer. There's some sensitivity to the issue because the co-star of "Knocked Up," Katherine Heigl, famously criticized the movie for being "a little sexist" and claiming it painted women as "shrews."

"I kind of don't know what she was talking about," said Mann, who praised Heigl's performance in the film. "I'm an actress reading scripts and I've seen what's out there and it's slim pickings. Judd does write great female parts."

After several years concentrating on her family — she and Apatow have two young children — Mann is taking on more work.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breast Implants of Anna Faris.

Anna Faris is one of the funniest actresses around today. But there’s also something funny about the way her appearance has been changing lately and Make Me Heal thinks it’s due to plastic surgery.

After becoming a star after making her Hollywood debut in the Wayans brothers’ Scary Movie, the now 32-year old actress appears to have undergone a rhinoplasty to help slenderize her previously wide nose and help it better fit with the rest of her face.

Now that she’s played a Playmate in last year’s The House Bunny, it seems that Anna may have ventured under the knife again, to get some breast implants to help her fill out the role, rather than the water bras her character Shelley is so fond of.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston says, “In the photographs I have reviewed of Anna Faris she appears to have petite Breast Implants. I think that they add a sense of balance to her figure and are complimentary. I also think that her surgeon did a good job choosing the appropriate size in proportion to her body type.”

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"The Beckham Experiment" explore Tom Cruise and David Beckham's friendship

David Beckham and Tom Cruise are going to be besties for life.

In "The Beckham Experiment," Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl devotes nearly an entire chapter to the bromance between the soccer stud and A-list actor. To hear Becks tell it, Cruise has influenced every major decision he has made since the two met in 2003.

Both David and his wife, Victoria, who celebrated their 10th anniversary on Saturday, shared the "Mission: Impossible" actor's rep, Creative Artists Agency, and at Cruise's urging, also hired his L.A.-based PR firm, Rogers & Cowan. When the couple relocated to L.A., they moved just five minutes from Cruise's home with Katie Holmes on San Ysidro Drive in Beverly Hills.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emma Watson leaving Hollywood for her study.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has brushed off reports she plans to give up acting to attend university, insisting she's capable of balancing a Hollywood career with college classes.

Watson insists the start of her higher education in no way signals the end of her acting career. She explains, "There's been a lot of confusion in the media that university is mutually exclusive, that I can't act as well as study at the same time, and I seem to have managed it okay up to this point, so that's what I hope to continue to do.

Watson, 19, is hoping she'll be able to enjoy the last of her teens away from the glare of the media spotlight: "I think I'm just looking forward to being a teenager for a bit, meeting people my own age and just kind of being normal for a bit."



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