Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nancy Grace is the main suspect in the case of Melinda Duckett's suicide.

Melinda Duckett committed suicide in September 2006 the day after taping a combative phone interview for Grace's show in which Grace demanded to know where Duckett was the day her son disappeared. Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury: Greatest Closing Arguments In Modern Law
Duckett's family accuses Grace of causing her suicide by the "intentional infliction of emotional distress." "We're alleging that Grace caused Melinda Duckett's death and caused emotional distress for her family," Duckett family attorney Kara Skarupo told The Usual Suspects [Blu-ray]

"It's a hard thing to prove but we think it's important. "They lost a daughter unnecessarily." Florida police had questioned Melinda Duckett in her son's disappearance. Trenton Duckett has never been found.



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